Remote maintenance of your milling and engraving machine

Dirk Naumann during Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance of computers is becoming increasingly important with the support of engraving and milling machines.
Through the increasingly stronger networking of computers via the Internet, the options for direct support are expanding.
Not least, due to the saving possibilities with travel costs and the improved use of resources (personnel and technology), remote maintenance is used for reducing costs in companies.
Remote maintenance programs enable the RHOTEC service engineer, who is far away, to directly carry out maintenance on the PCs.
Keystrokes and mouse movements are transmitted. The RHOTEC service engineer sees the monitor output on his own monitor.
The advantages are obvious:

- Faster access via DSL

- Independence from the customer’s location

- Independence from the account manager’s location

You decide. Access to your PC only becomes possible when you have provided your consent. You select the applications that we need to see. Of course, you can terminate the remote maintenance connection at any time.