The Contour program

RHOtec enGRAVing Software

The Rhotec Engraving Software has been developed by BES GmbH and is constantly being advanced.

BES GmbH was founded in 1993 by the former software and hardware developers of Kuhlmann Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, when the research department of Kuhlmann Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Wilhelmshaven was closed down.

The Kuhlmann path control CX268 and the engraving and milling software programs ProGrav and FDIN have been created by these developers, so that their Know-how could contribute to the concept and the development of the
Rhotec Engraving Software.

Thus the Rhotec Engraving Software is also designed for Kuhlmann machines, which means that it can control Kuhlmann machines using CS268, CX268 or CG268 controls, without the need of any external drivers or conversion programs.

The system uses the advantages of the direct communication between the path control of the machine and the engraving and milling software. Specific features of the machine, e.g. the tool length measuring may be entered directly, as the Rhotec Engraving combines editing and machining in one unit.

Advantages in the entry of contours and texts:

Entries via mouse or keyboard; Depending on the actual requirements, any specifications of coordinates, distances or angles may be entered via mouse or via keyboard or in mixed entry of both. The keyboard entry is used when exact values are to be entered, e.g. when working with a design worksheet. The mouse is used when working on the base of free entries and drawings on the desktop. With both options the graphic display follows immediately after the element has been entered. When working with the mouse the matrix or grid option is very helpful: If you e.g. set the grid distance to 0.5 mm, the mouse will always catch after an 0.5 mm increment. Thus you may enter exact values with the mouse as well.

  • All entries into one level
    All the software modules are available in one program. No changes between different levels of the user surface are required.
  • Changes of contour elements in the graphic display
    The software offers the possibility of changing separate elements with the mouse. This may be a help when retouching scanned artwork.
  • Entry of texts - Local text
    Texts are entered as usual in an input box together with all the other values (letter height, inclination, font, spacing, position etc.) and are then displayed graphically. If you wish to change a text you just click it with the mouse. If the values of a part of a text line are to be changed, you may mark the part in question and then assign special letter height, inclination or a different font.
  • Field layout - also in trapezoids
    If various text lines are to be arranged automatically in a field you normally use a rectangle for this field. The Rhotec engraving software however allows to use any trapezoidal field (even triangles) as margin for the field lay-out.
  • Spacing / kerning
    The spacing / kerning (adaptation of the distance between the characters) is carried out interactively by means of the mouse. After each change the text is displayed immediately with the modified character spacing so that it can be checked directly.
  • Relocating and copying contours and texts
    You may displace or copy contours and texts on a workpiece as many times as you like. For that purpose the contours or texts only have to be marked with the mouse. After the marking, copying or displacing may be started.
  • Editing contours or texts
    Without any problem contours and texts can be enlarged, reduced, distorted or rotated. The only thing to do is to mark the elements to be edited with the mouse, then the editing may be carried out by means of entries via mouse or keyboard.
  • Using True-Type fonts
    With the software module Path Generation (option) the Windows True-Type fonts can be used for engraving jobs. Thus an ample choice of low-price fonts is at your disposal.
  • One software module for editing fonts is integrated with the Rhotec engraving software (option).
    This module allows for changing existing fonts or for adding further characters to the font in question. On the other hand new fonts may be created (e.g. a font of logos).
  • Very fast visualization
    Inspite of working with the Windows operating system, the visualization (i.e. the graphic display of the total workpiece) is realized in a very short lapse of time. Even voluminous workpieces are visualized quickly. As an example: A scanned artwork with 8600 vectors is visualized by the Rhotec engraving in 1.4 seconds ( 3.5 seconds with the DOS software).
  • Availability of the functions of libraries of symbols
    You may save parts of the workpiece in a file and then use them again for other workpieces. If you do so the information is conserved completely, i.e. the texts are stored as texts and the graduations are stored as graduations.
  • Import of various formats (option)
    Apart from DIN 66025 and HPGL, DXF may be imported, too. When importing DXF, the Rhotec engraving software takes the texts over as texts.
  • The Rhotec engraving software stores the tool data once for all workpieces in a file
    Thus you need no longer work with different tool allocations and tool numbers for each workpiece (when you change from one workpiece to the next), nor need the workpiece data be entered for each workpiece again. You can assign each tool with a number and store the tool data in the tool file. The CX268 control accepts up to 100 tools in the tool file.

Advantages in the computation of tool paths (option)

If a workpiece or parts of a workpiece are not only programmed for sunk engraving, you may use the tool path computation for cutting out certain areas, for clear-cutting outline fonts or for producing punches. For the production of punches you will not use fonts with defined tool paths, but use fonts with an outer contour only (the so-called outline fonts). As the tool paths are computed according to the tools being used, you have got much more possibilities in the selection of tools.
The operating steps of the computation of the tool paths are saved in small files. The created operation sequences may be used again for similar workpieces. Thus you need not enter a new operation sequence for every new workpiece..

Advantages in the output (transfer of data) to the machine

  • Separate output of tool data and engraving depth
    The cutting depth does not depend on the tool.
    The cutting depth and a tool are assigned to the contour or the text.
    Thus you may use one tool for cutting various cutting depths.
  • Various serializations
    Various serializations may be programmed for one workpiece. The respective fields may be located in simple text lines (straight text or text on an arc) or in a zone of field lay-out.
  • Variable text
    In serious fabrications, e.g. of nameplates, the required texts (with an optional number of lines) may be downloaded from a text file. Thus the time required before for programming each single nameplate is saved. In many cases the texts are already available or supplied by the customers in file format. If these files are text files, you may use them directly.
  • Concentration of technological data in small filesn
    The technology data (feedrates X/Y, infeed Z, spindle speed and cutting depths) are stored in small files. You may create such technology files for the different materials you have to engrave. E.g. you may create such a file for aluminium, another file for brass etc. In case you have to engrave an aluminium workpiece, you use the respective technology data for aluminium. Thus the new entry of all the technology data is avoided.
  • Programmability of machine ancillaries via SPS files
    The control of the feed of coolant agent, of the dust extraction, of the automatic workpiece feeding etc is not integrated with the Rhotec engraving program, but is organised in separate files with instructions similar to SPS. Thus the program for the machine ancillaries can be configurated individually according to the respective requirements.
  • The Rhotec engraving software includes a function called 'workpiece list' with many possibilities
    The workpiece list enables to automatize the operating sequences of your production. The workpiece list enables you e.g. to work at various clamping stations, to place different workpieces on one piece of material and have them engraved in one operation or to produce typewheels.

    Advantages in the workpiece management and due to the Windows environment

  • Since the Rhotec engraving software is a Windows application, you may increase the resolution of your VDU unto the limits of the installed graphic board and/or of the monitor.
    The respective graphic drivers for Windows are supplied with the graphic board. You may as well make use of the speed of a computer with a special Bus (PCI bus).

    If you use a printer for hard copies you do not need any special software drivers. You may use any printer of your choice as long as a Windows driver is available.
  • Storing your workpieces in different directories
    The workpieces need not be stored in one directory on the hard disk. You may e.g. install a directory for each customer. So you will find the workpieces easier and faster.
  • Help system included
    Nearly the whole manual is available as help system in electronical format. Thus you can get information and explanation about each menu point and each dialog, without the need of paging through the manual.
  • Call-up of file manager and other help programs without quitting the Rhotec engraving software
    In case you wish to save or copy or rename workpieces. you can do this without leaving the Rhotec engraving program by calling the file manager of Windows.

    The paragraphs marked with (option) refer to software which is not included in the basic software of the Rhotec engraving program , they may however be retrofitted without problem.

    The current scope of functions of the Rhotec Engraving Software does not mean that not more functions will be included, they are constantly being advanced and enhanced by new functions and facilities. We plan the adaptation to new operating systems if reasonable. Since 02/98 there is e.g. a Window NT Version.

    With the download button you may get you personal Rhotec Engraving demo program version. The program is fully operable, with the exception that no export or transfer of machine data is enabled.