Modernizing instead re-invest

We also provide upgrades / retrofits
on machines from the manufacturer Lang.


Through our 25 years of experience
 we are able to bring your machine to
latest technical standards
for a
very attractive price - performance ratio.
Control and Drive unit
Since this year we have a connection compatible
19 inches - control and drive unit which we specifically
designed for machines manufactured by Lang.

With this unit, your machine components like fine step-
, tool changer, measuring point, dividing head etc.
can still be used

We can retrofit your Machines either in your company
or at RHOTEC GmbH.

Of course, you get for all modernized components a
year warranty.

Some advantages of
a retrofit

- Cost-effective but still extremely powerful

- Easy connection of existing components

- Flexible, multiple adjustment options

- Secure supply of spare parts in the future

- Improving energy efficiency

- Control and software comes from one source and are therefore perfectly matched

- Powerful Software for engraving / marking and milling in 2D and / or 3D field

- Computer Network compatible

- Remote Support

- Reduction of tool change times by processes in rapid

- Extensions of the machine possible by add-on parts like: Surface Sensor, 3D edge finder, Camera,

  Vacuum cleaners, etc.

Below you can see some pictures during the modernization:

Modernization Impala
Modernization Impala
Adaptation MBR Frequency converter